SCCM Client Activity: Active / Inactive

Ahoey Pirate!

Recently I had an issue where every client went from active to inactive.



At Site Status SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER reported Management point as “critical” with two significant errors:


“MP could not write out CCM setting to WMI.

Possible cause: MP didn’t get installed properly.
Solution: Ensure MP setup succeeded; if not, reinstall MP”




“SMS Executive detected that this component stopped unexpectedly.

Possible cause: The component is experiencing a severe problem that caused it to stop unexpectedly.
Solution: Refer to your ConfigMgr Documentation or the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further troubleshooting information.”


For me the next step was to look into mpcontrol.log where I found these errors

2015-02-18 09_07_03- Remotedesktopverbindung



“CMPControlManager::WriteToCCMSettings(): pWmi->GetObject() failed – 0x80041002”

“MPStart(): WriteToCCMSettings() failed – 0x80041002”

“SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER failed to start with 0x80041002”

“CMPControlManager::ReadConfigurationSettings(): m_pWmi->GetObject() failed – 0x80041010”


For me it seemed to be an issue with WMI. So first thing I tried was to connect to a client with Windows Management Instrumentation Tester (wbemtest) and that worked. Next I tried to do a clean client installation by using the “Uninstall existing Configuration Manager client before the client is installed” function. The client installation aboarded nearly instant with the following message:


“GetDPLocations failed with error 0x8000ffff”

“Failed to get DP locations as the expected version from MP ‘[SERVERNAME]’. Error 0x8000ffff”


So I tried to figure out if the client is able to connect to the management point. Therefore you can use your Web browser and type in following adress




instead of something like this:


2015-02-18 10_39_03- Remotedesktopverbindung


I got an Internal server error.

So everything pointet out to be a faulty or misconfigured management point and I decided to reinstall that role. So I opened up Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Servers and Site System Roles\ selected the affected Management Point and hit on Remove Role. In MPSetup.log you can follow the deinstallation.


2015-02-18 10_59_05- Remotedesktopverbindung_2


After a while I reinstalled the Management Point.


2015-02-18 11_41_17- Remotedesktopverbindung_2

Management Point was available via Internet Explorer and my client reported Client Activity as Active. Problem solved!


Good luck



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