The People’s History of ConfigMgr – Happy 25th Birthday ConfigMgr


I’m super happy to be part of the “The People’s History of ConfigMgr”. It’s  the second half of the “ConfigMgr @ 25” documentary series, and this story is told solely by the ConfigMgr community. For the first time on camera and on the record, a wide variety of ConfigMgr fellows talk openly as they reflect on their good (and terrible) experiences, how it changed the way they work, and what ConfigMgr has meant to their careers — and the industry.




Thinking back to how I started

Back in the days I was working for a big manufacturing company in my home town. The IT had Empirum (Matrix42) in place and I was in the project to migrate from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. That’s how I got in touch with client management. After my studies I left the company but I didn’t leave the client managmenet sector. Today 10 years later, I’ve seen successfully and unsuccessful client management projects. I did many projects where IT departments moved to SCCM and upgraded some really, really big environments. One could say ConfigMgr and me had our good and bad times. But still I love the product and love where the whole journey is going.

Today ConfigMgr ist not anymore my everydays job. Intune has become a big player and an important tool in terms of modern management and with that (client) security is super important. The move to co-management and the integration of powershell into intune were elementary steps.


With that said I’m happy to announce that I will start a series of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection coming soon.


Here is the initial post of Brad Anderson with ConfigMgr Reaches 25 years.





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