Microsoft Ignite 2017 – Recap


I finally found the time to wrap up Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando / Florida. I had the great honor to have three different stage experiences. But for sure the breakout session in a fully packed room was the absolute highlight.

My talk was about the security features that came with Windows 10 1709. In detail I highlighted the new products out of the Windows Defender portfolio, where we assumed breach and had a look at how an attack could look like. I tried to give the attendees a better understanding of the possibilities that you got with Metasploit and Kali Linux.



Here are the slides for the “best practices to secure Windows 10 with already included features” breakout session.


In addtition to the slides you can find a wrap up of my talk at They wrote an article: 7 Windows 10 security features that could help prevent cyberattacks against your business


In addition I was allowed to present a theater session, where I talked about “Windows 10 and the cloud – why the future needs hybrid solutions”. In this session I focussed on Microsoft Intune, Conditional Access, AutoPilot and Windows 10 Provisioning Packages. Check out the slides:



In addition to that I had the great chance to record a session in the Podcast studio which was a complete new experience for me.


As usual we were supported by guests from the Microsoft universe. This time, however, two fairly prominent employees. Donovan Brown, “Mr. Black Shirt”, “Mr. Dev-Ops” and Damian Brady – also a well know dev-op expert. Natürlich ging es also um Dev-Ops.





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